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History of Naila

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History of Naila Bagh Palace

The Naila family belongs to the Champawat branch of the Rathore clan of Rajputs. They came from the Thikana Peelva of the former Jodhpur state. In 1849 Thakur Jeevraj Singh Ji of Peelva came to Jaipur. He was presented to H.H.Maharaja Ram Singh Ji, the then ruler of Jaipur, who kept him at his court. His youngest son Th. Fateh Singh Ji was made the Prime Minister of Jaipur in 1870s. He was given the Jageer of Naila Village.

Ex Prime Minister of Jaipur - Thakur Fateh Singh Ji Naila

Thakur Fateh Singh Ji Naila was a prominent figure in Jaipur in the late 18th century. He was the head of the Naila Family and the Prime Minister of Jaipur for 7 years (1876). Fateh Singh Ji was a multi talented personality and a taskmaster.He worked in the Jaipur state government in various roles(Mauntzim Zanani Deorhi and Bakshi Quilazat) and over the years rose in rank and power. In 1876 he was appointed as the Prime Minister of Jaipur. He re-organized the whole administration of the state and put things in order.

During his 7 year tenor as Prime Minister, he initiated various development activities in the city. The Famous Albert Hall was built under his initiative and supervision. It was during his time as Prime Minister that the city bazaars were painted pink. Electricity via gas was introduced. Underground Water ways system was developed. The work on Janter Manter was initiated. Proper road system (pakki Road) was introduced for the first time in Jaipur. Various other developmental works were completed during his tenor. Some of them were - Jai Niwas Bagh, Jalebi Chawk and the Jaipur Zoo, training schools to educate employees (Patwari's) and the 1st paper factory amongst many other developmental activities.

During his time, Naila became one of the most influential estates and a political powerhouse in Jaipur state. His future generations served in important positions with the government uptill independence. The Naila men played a crucial role in the pre independence era in the day-to-day administering of the Jaipur City and in laying down the foundation for proper development in the future.

Thakur Fateh Singh Ji Naila

Thakur Fateh Singh Ji Naila

Thakur Fateh Singh Ji had two sons, the elder son Thakur Roop Singh Ji succeeded him as Thakur of Naila. Thakur Roop Singh Ji served the state first as Bakshi Quilajat and then as Sardar-i-appeal (session Judge) for a long time. H.H. Maharaja Madho Singh Ji made him a member of the council and also a member of the cabinet formed to administer the state. The Maharaja had great regard for him and use to consult him on all important matters.

Thakur Roop singh Ji was succeeded by his 2 sons. His elder son - Thakur Pratap Singh Ji also looked after state administrative matters and was appointed Sardar -i-appeal in place of his father.

Thakur Daulat Singh ji (son of Thakur Roop Singh Ji Naila) was Sardar in waiting in the personal staff of H.H the late Maharaja Man Singh Ji

Thakur Fateh Singh Ji's 18th century residence in Jaipur has now opened its doors to international travelers, The property provides guests a true feel of the old world charm of the 18th century whilst ensuring that all modern day facilities are provided to the guests in their rooms and outside. The current Thakur of Naila "Thakur Dushyant Singh ji" is an artist himself and he has worked hard to ensure that the palace's original beauty is kept intact. Kunwar Trivikram Singh Naila and his wife Kunwarani Pallavi Singh Naila are currently looking after "Naila Bagh Palace" and lately developing it as a heritage boutique hotel. Thakur Dushyant Singh Ji's younger son Kunwar Hameer Singh Rathore is a Captain in the merchant Navy services.