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Kalewa Cooking Experience

What we do: Kaleva offers curated food experiences for travelers interested in learning / experiencing cooking in a Indian Heritage Home. We offer 1) cooking classes revolving around vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes from our home, followed by enjoying your home cooked meal. 2) Dinner with Naila family Experiences.

Why We do: We want to share our love for food with all foodie travels or those interested in learning more along with locals in jaipur about our history ,culture backgrounds. We conduct our workshop at home(Naila Bagh Palace-Ex Prime Ministers Residincy). This offers us the opportunity to share the history of the place and family with interested travellers .

How we do: We recommended coking experiences over dinner, once all your sightseeing is out of the way . We would like to help our travelers unwind and relax while cooking in the open front courtyard over drinks and a tad bit of chatter about all things old and pink(aka pink city).We teach simple to complex dishes depending on what you would like to learn :). Example : different types of Indian Bread, savory indian nick nacks, vegetables, chicken, mutton. Thw workshop is followed by candle light dinner.