Naila Bagh Palace, Heritage Hotel of Jaipur
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Dining Option at Naila Bagh Palace


Food is our common ground, a universal experience!


Breakfast is served in the "severa" enclosed space overlooking the pool.

Dinner is organized in any of the three locations.

1) Severa

2) On candle lit round tables under the big old trees by the pool side.

3) in the grand front courtyard under the canopies or in the open.


Lunch: is served in the severa or by the pool side as preferred by guests.

Cuisine: Traditional Indian food and light eats along with selective continental dishes are served. Menu is available at the hotel.


Cooking workshops:The Naila Bagh Cooking workshops have been appreciated by all guests so far. Please email us on for details or ask the front desk at the property for details.

Typically, rajasthani vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are covered in this workshop.